Diversification plan for ORU | NFTs, DAO, and ORU usage

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2 min readJun 2, 2022

Dear community,

Orcus team has analyzed the current situation and we have decided to introduce additional use of ORU for community purposes with taking into account the healthy factor for the token.

Orcus team is working on the creation of the limited collection of NFTs, which will be presented in the form of rendered planets and associated with the Astar ecosystem 🌟

The mentioned collection will include 333 NFT tokens with unique characterization and visualization. The collection will include 3 typed of rarity:

  • Gold 🥇
  • Silver 🥈
  • Bronze 🥉

The limited collection can be owned only by ORU token holders with the special token amount holding. By purchasing an NFT, you will become the owner of the first limited collection of NFTs, which will be listed on the marketplace and become tradable, all you need is to have ORU token balance and the purpose to spend them.

Owning the NFT will open access to the Orcus DAO, where each NFT with a certain rarity will endow the holder with governance benefits and voting power. Orcus DAO implementation will make it possible to take into account the wishes and thoughts of each participant and contributor to the protocol, and also privileges him in terms of the opportunity to contribute to the development of the product.

ORU usage

At the current state, you will be eligible to spend your token holdings in the right way and have access to the DAO and rare NFT collection by giving your ORU. From our side, the Orcus team will burn all the received tokens to stabilize token supply and token reserves. While we are still working on the idea, the proper discussion concerning that and some insights will be shared on our Discord server.

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