Introducing Orcus Finance: The Fractional-Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol on Astar Network


Every implementation has its pros and cons, but there is the problem that most of them failed, what can’t be said about the partially collateralized: FRAX and IRON. Their implementation works well even now and they don’t lose their peg to $1, but why?

Capital Efficient

When DAI is over-collateralized at 150%, we can’t talk about capital efficiency. USDT and USDC are doing well because every unit is backed by $1. However, in Orcus Finance, we combine the $1 value backing with the floating collateralization level and open arbitrage opportunities.

Collateral Ratios

Target Collateral Value (mint actions) and Effective Collateral Value (redeem actions) determine how much collateral and governance tokens will be used during users’ operations of minting and redeeming processes.

Minting oUSD

When TCR = 80%, 100 oUSD can be minted with $80 worth of USDC and $20 worth of ORU

Redeeming oUSD

When ECR = 75%, if 100 oUSD is redeemed, the system returns $75 worth of USDC and $25 worth of ORU

When oUSD trades above the target price of $1, the protocol decreases the collateral ratio: > $1 (TWAP)
When oUSD trades under the target price of $1, the protocol increases the collateral ratio: < $1 (TWAP)

Off pegged conditions

oUSD < $1

oUSD > $1


$ORU Utility and Value

  • uses in the oUSD minting
  • governance token: staking ORU to receive xORU and grant voting rights
  • profit-sharing token from mint/redeem fee, early exit penalty, arbitrage profits, interest from the collateral investment, seigniorage profits
  • reward token from yield farming

The initial supply amount of ORU is set to 1 billion, however, ORU plays a role of deflationary token in the long term.

The tokenomics:

Community (70%)

Team (25%)

Treasury (5%)

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Automatization
  • Treasury Swap

Protocol Owned Liquidity and Protocol Rented Liquidity

Protocol Owned Liquidity

What happens next:

Protocol Rented Liquidity

What happens next:

Come and join us at Twitter, we are going to launch soon (☄️,☄️)!



№1 fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol on Astar Network ⭐️

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Orcus Finance

№1 fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol on Astar Network ⭐️