Orcus Finance X Sirius Finance Partnership Announcement

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2 min readApr 16, 2022

Sirius Finance and its place in the Astar ecosystem

Sirius Finance is a cross-chain stablecoin AMM, attracting and locking tremendous value with low-slippage trading costs, attractive APY for LPs on Astar Network, allowing for more financial innovations & yield enhancements for Astar users.

Ultimately, it serves as a low-slippage swap protocol connecting Polkadot, EVM-compatible chains, and other major layer1 chains, expanding use cases from stablecoins to other similar valuable tokens.

Main features:

  • Stablecoin swapping with the low slippage and minimal impermanent loss
  • Connection with Astar and Polkadot native protocols
  • Cross between EVM chains and Polkadot ecosystem
  • Yield farming and arbitrage opportunities

How will the protocols benefit?

At Orcus Finance we are working on the $oUSD adoption within the expansion over the Astar Network ecosystem. We have already announced its usage in other protocols, and a partnership with Sirius can ensure more stability for the protocols and double rewards for the users.

At Orcus Finance we are going to add $oUSD in both stable pools and meta pools in the future. However, as the first sign of partnership, we agreed and approved meta pools:

  • Sirius meta pool

Meta pools include pools that earn additional interest from decentralized lending protocols and pools list less liquid assets. Both enable LPers to earn extra rewards while preventing diluting existing pools.

At Orcus Finance we believe that following these points can highly ensure the demand and stability for $oUSD stablecoin:

  • Usual 50%/50% stablecoin pools
  • Stable Pools: DAI/USDC/oUSD e.g.
  • Meta Pools: DAI/USDC/USDT (3Token) + oUSD
  • $oUSD acceptance as collateral in Lending protocols

👉Don’t forget to check the details of the $ORU public sale at Orcus Launchpad

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Sirius Finance links:

🖥️Discord | 🐦Twitter | 📄 Docs | 📰 Medium | 📲 Telegram

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