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3 min readMay 16, 2022

Hello folks! There has been a bit of a lull lately as we work on introducing new products to our little Orcus Finance ecosystem which will gather the greatest DeFi instruments for users. We talked about vaults during the AMA session with Astar and the most attentive already know about it. Don’t miss to check out our past stream “Indexing EVM data locally with Fat Archives on Astar” with Subsquid:

Presenting Orcus Vaults on Astar Network 🌟

Orcus Vaults is the Yield Optimizing tool that simplifies the DeFi experience for the yield farmers. Orcus Finance adds a Yield Aggregation tool and will gather all possible pools from DEXes with liquid tokens. This will help to unite the ecosystem on the Astar and bring more investment opportunities together with high yields!

Benefits recap:

  • Ecosystem unity
  • High yields
  • Automatization and rewards autocompounding
  • New strategic partnerships

Explaining autocompounding ⚙️

Orcus Vaults automatically maximizes user returns from DeFi ecosystem liquidity pools (LPs), automated market making (AMM) initiatives, and other yield farming possibilities on Astar Network. This gives a significant benefit to attempting to accomplish this manually. They employ automation to continuously invest and reinvest deposited funds, resulting in high amounts of compounded interest.

Vaults benefits:

  • Yield Farming strategies execution
  • Compound rewards
  • Zap in any asset into LP
  • Single asset staking autocompound
  • Reinvest earned rewards to increase the initial LP balance

Vaults fee structure 💸

At Orcus Finance, Orcus Vaults will inherit the fee structure similar to Beefy Vaults with the possible edits and improvements, which will be applied by our community once needed.

Fee structure:

  • 3.0% is distributed back to $ORU stakers
  • 0.5% is allocated to the Treasury
  • 0.5% is awarded to the Vault Strategist
  • 0.5% is awarded to the one calling the harvest function

3.0% of the fee means the initial $ORU buyback and redistribution for stakers.

ORU price impact 📈

The staking mechanism itself will bring more profit and benefits for $ORU stakers:

  • Fees from the vaults’ performance
  • Fees from early claims
  • Profit from Collateral Depositor
  • $ORU governance (coming soon)

Currently, the protocol has 3 sources for the token buybacks:

  1. Protocol Owned Liquidity (more useful to ensure the protocol stability)
  2. Protocol Rented Liquidity (used only to zap out, buyback $ORU and burn it)
  3. Profit from Starlay USDC lending pool (BankSafe automatic reinvestments and $ORU buybacks)

By implementing fees for the vaults, we will create an additional cycling mechanism (which will be performed daily) for stability and exponential growth for the $ORU token.

Integration with protocols 🤝

The first strategy we are working on — PandoraSwap’s Masterchef and pools integration. The project list is straight clear, all the listed projects on Defillama, step by step using sorting by TVL and measuring security level will be added to the Orcus Vaults: https://defillama.com/chain/Astar

Why is this matter?
By adding a yield aggregation product we will attract more projects to join, increase daily yields and TVL by autocompounding rewards and replace all handwork on the user side. In the nearest future, vaults will be added to the native Orcus pools in order to trigger a claim with penalty which will fill Protocol Rented Liquidity faster to execute $ORU buybacks and burns more frequently.

More details are coming on this week 👀

Welcome to the DeMonopolization 🌌

Thanks for your patience!

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