oUSD Metapool rebalancing: a win for arbitragers, swappers, and liquidity providers

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2 min readApr 29, 2022


Since Sirius Finance provides low slippage trades, users are available to swap a big amount of stablecoins between each other without harm:

The graphics above demonstrate how profitable it is to trade on Sirius Finance. On Sirius Finance, converting 1,000,000 USDC to BUSD can help you save $222 — $1,200.

oUSD Metapool is currently imbalanced

It also gives arbitrageurs a good opportunity to earn from swapping oUSD to USDC due to the oUSD Metapool imbalance (50% of each asset is the perfect balance for the 4SRS/oUSD pool), where arbitragers can gain more USDC when the OTC price is $1 for each stablecoin.

Earn $80 by swapping oUSD to USDC

But if you are going to trade in reverse, here is what can you get:

How to gain more LPs

If you are a liquidity provider, based on the oUSD Metapool asset balance(4SRS: 80.99% and oUSD: 19.00%), you can earn more LP tokens if you are depositing oUSD instead of depositing 4SRS, and lose fewer LP tokens if you are withdrawing 4SRS instead of withdrawing oUSD.

Depositing oUSD instead of 4SRS

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