Orcus Launchpad — one of the upcoming products and additional utility for ORU token

B2B business models, ORU staking, and utility

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3 min readMay 2, 2022

Hello everyone! Despite unstable market conditions overall crypto we are keep building and Orcus team has prepared some insights concerning the next product based on the Orcus Finance Roadmap

2022 Roadmap

Orcus Launchpad as a B2B service on Astar Network

Orcus Launchpad is designed to be a service for fundraising and launching new perspective protocols on the Astar Network. Pre-event conditions for every project will be:

  1. Primary audit pass from our partner ContractWolf
  2. KYC check by ContractWolf
  3. Having a core community
  4. Detailed documentation and roadmap
  5. Detailed tokenomics
  6. Having an audit and past experience would also be welcome

Business model details and ORU staking

IDO allocation will be determined based on the general staking pool, where participants will contribute their ORU tokens. The allocation will be reflected in the amount of share contributed personally by each user to the total pool share.

ORU staking will be similar to traditional farming, with the added benefit of earning both IDO allocation and platform fees, on top of ecosystem rewards.

During ORU staking, the user will be rewarded in different ways:

  1. IDO allocation
  2. Deposit Fees
  3. Allocation Fees
  4. Ecosystem rewards

This approach functions as a combination of single-sided staking, launchpad allocations, and network fees. Even if you are unable to engage in sales, there are several reasons to keep and stake ORU.

ORU utility and fee-charging

For example, you wish to contribute to the upcoming token sale and you are going to deposit ORU into the staking pool:

  • All new ORU deposits are subject to a 2% deposit charge.
    This fee is provided to current ORU shareholders, rewards long-term participation, and combats dilution.
  • post-IDO cooling time implementation.
    A charge in ORU is collected and allocated to stakers dependent on when you unstake. The charge begins at 15% post-IDO and decreases by 1% until it reaches 0% after 15 days.

ORU token
Since the Orcus Launchpad would be a B2B product, projects that wish to fundraise (using different models which will be explained in the upcoming article) will be charged the fee from the total fundraising. The amount of charge will be determined individually, but the usage is clearly useful for the token — all the profit will be used to buy back the token from the open market and burn it.

At this moment this is all we wanted to share, the upcoming article will give more clarity for projects concerning different models of fundraising.

Thanks for your patience!

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