Updates Concerning Airdrop and Giveaway Results

Explaining the further token distribution and claiming

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2 min readMay 1, 2022

Hello fellows! We are highly thankful for your activities and engagement during the first Airdrop and Giveaway — the Community Program №1

Summing up these events, we have engaged

1. 🌟 $ORU Airdrop | Community Competition 🌟:

114,770 Entries with a total 69,590 Actions

The winner list of the Airdrop is accessible by the link:

50 random wallets were selected by Orcus and additionally 10 random wallets from the Polka Nation community

2. 🌟 $ORU Giveaway | Community Program #1 🌟:

292,915 Entries with a total 79,715 Actions

The winner list of the Giveaway is accessible by the link:

Details concerning the token distribution

Since we have released the token claiming mechanism, which is divided into 5 total claims, we will reward contributors gradually using claims 2, 3, 4, and 5 which have 2 weeks of pending between each other.

For the Airdrop competition, we have 60 winners which will receive 25% of their reward per each claim (200 $ORU in total), the example:

Claim 2: 50 $ORU
Claim 3: 50 $ORU
Claim 4: 50 $ORU
Claim 5: 50 $ORU

For the Giveaway community program, we have 100 winners which will receive 25% of their reward per claim (1,000 $ORU in total), the example:

Claim 2: 250 $ORU
Claim 3: 250 $ORU
Claim 4: 250 $ORU
Claim 5: 250 $ORU

Claim 2 will be accessible 2 weeks after actual Claim 1, meaning on May 5th at the launchpad page: https://orcusfinance.io/launchpad

The winners’ addresses will be added to the total whitelist for claiming.

The details concerning Creative Content Makers | Community Program #2 will be released soon as well, but we expect that this program will be prolonged to gather more quality works.

Thanks for your patience!

For more details follow us at:

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